1. Silicone rubber heater are flexible, thin and flat sheet heating element which can be used as replacement of conventional metal
Consists of two thin fiberglass fabric which are calendered by silicone rubber.
It is excellent at high temperature response due to low thickness (standard thickness 1.5mm)
It is excellent at high flexibility. Thus, it can be easily fit on target heated object perfectly by looping it around the curve surface and cylinder
Although the main component of standard heat element is carbon, our silicone rubber is consist of patterned nickel-alloy resistance wire elements.It can be used in relief.
2. Silicone rubber heaters can be designed in any shape desired.
Can be made into any shape, such as round shape, triangle and shape with wholes in accordance with shape of heated object, unlike carbon element standard heaters.
Our unique production process allows us to accommodate even one piece.
3.We can design as changing the mindset of heat feeling. Please make use of it for development of new products.
Our heaters have been used in a wide variety of industries and facilities.
Thin and flexible heaters offer a simple solution to solve weight reduction and miniaturization.
 ※ A thermal controller is necessary. Although the heating surface is capable of quick heating, there is no inherent temperature control.
4. The standard type, E type and MG type (magnetic) can be used continuously and semi-permanently at 200℃.
・Can easily be attached to the heated object.
・ Under 100℃・・・Double sided adhesive tapes.
・100℃~150℃・・・Silicone adhesive
・We recommend our fusion process for continuous use at temperature over 150℃.
  5. The H type (heatproof) can be used at maximum 300℃.
We stock 300℃ heat resistant adhesive KE3418RTV(B) manufactured by Shi-Etsu Chemical.
Thermal retention of tank pipe, antifreeze of oil tank and pump, moisture prevention of motor and engine, heat sealing of paper and plastic, laminating machine, dispenser, curing of adhesive, food vending machine, thermal retention machine, dentistry machine, beauty machine, examining table in hospital, dishwashers truck, physics and chemistry equipment, hot plate, antifreeze and thermal retention of various cold area measurement equipment, preheating equipment for welding of metal, heating of heat shrinkable tube, antifreeze of parabolic antenna, pressing the clothes, the heat plate for pressing plyboard, missile, thermal retention of aircraft equipment, aerospace field, heating machine, burner aerification equipment, antifreeze of cement, heater mat, heater blanket, for processing of CFRP.