From our plant in Japan,we develop and manufacture  our own brand of glycohemoglobin analyzers for diabetes testing and their dedicated reagents.
We also support the development of other medical analysis equipment and clinical diagnostic instruments from prototyping through commercialization.
Scientific and Clinical Diagnostic Instruments


With our industry-leading technologies-including state-of-the-art water heaters in aircraft restrooms, heaters for coffee machines in major convenience stores, and heaters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment-we can handle all kinds of inquiries.



CEO Koichi Matsumoto

Since our founding in 1945, Sakae’s mission has been to contribute to society by creating new-value products in our core business areas of heating devices as well as scientific and clinical diagnostic instruments.
Sakae’s heating devices are designed and manufactured in response to customer needs. Our key strength is our ability to deliver targeted solutions to each and every request. Ask us about any heating issue — gas, liquid or solid — that has proved too difficult for others to solve.
In the area of scientific and clinical diagnostic instruments, in 2009 we developed the A1c Gear series of glycohemoglobin analyzers for diabetes testing as well as a dedicated Medidas HbA1c reagent. With these products, we gained an roughly 25% share of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) market in Japan for diabetes testing devices, formerly monopolized by major overseas manufacturers. In October 2011, Sakae won high commendation from the market with receipt of a Courageous Management Award from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In May 2018, we launched our third-generation glycohemoglobin analyzer, the A1c iGear Quick, based on the concept of “fast, small, and simple.”
In addition, we draw on our wealth of experience and diversified technical staff to move projects from development through prototyping to commercialization of devices and new reagents, including clinical diagnostic equipment and analyzers for colorectal cancer screening (fecal occult blood), allergies, infectious diseases, and more. Find out how we can help you.
Under our slogan, “Get a real one!” what we seek is to create “the genuine” in all aspects of our products, technologies, quality and services. As a company committed to improving the lives of people around the world, we continue to stay true to this goal.