We can accommodate development, making prototype and commercialization for every equipment including analytical equipment and clinical diagnostic equipment.

■ Clinical diagnostic equipment
Diabetes mellitus testing, bowel cancer testing (fecal occult blood), peritoneal dialysis equipment, arteriosclerosis measurement equipment,Fully-automatic microplate EIA system, small biochemistry equipment, allergy diagnosis, and others.
■ Biochemistry equipment unit
Constant temperature water circulation system, reaction unit, detection mechanism (absorbance, turbidity, fluorescence and chemiluminescence),specimen measurement equipment.
■ Bio-related equipment
Dispensing machine, plate convey system, washer, homogenizer.

X-Y-Z-axis drive system

Liquid level detection system

Optical system

Adoption of various 3D-CAD

■ Licenses and certifications

ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 certification
License for production of medical instruments (general)(License No. 10BZ005002)
License for second-class production and sales of medical instruments (License No. 10B2X00013)
License for pharmaceutical production (general, including in vitro diagnostic use)(License No. 10AZ006007)
License for second-class pharmaceutical production and sales (License No. 10B2X00015)