We will accommodate own product development and contracted development/manufacturing based on consistent system supported by wealth of experience and various engineers team in accordance needs of clients.

■ Glycohemoglobin Analyzer


Control the reaction area at 37℃±0.1℃.

・Use sheet heater.

■ Incubator for biochemistry analyzer


・Control the reaction vessel by water at 37℃±0.1℃. 
・High accurate measurement is possible.
・Using cartridge heater.


■ Peritoneal dialysis liquid heating equipment


・Control the peritoneal dialysis liquid and kidney dialysis liquid at 37℃±0.1℃ by heating.
・ Friendly for patients.
・ Use sheet heater.

■ Boiler for hand wash place in the airplane lavatory.

・Save the space by compact body.
・Sheathed heater


■ Laminating machine


・Using mica heater